Saturday, June 13, 2009

How Sex Education is Taught in India

Watch this video and wonder:

The video was produced by the Nrityanjali academy, a group which uses the performing arts to promote social causes in the state of Andhra Pradesh in southern India. has the video, with quotes:

"Our main target groups are people vulnerable to the HIV virus like sex workers, transsexuals or truck drivers," said P Narsingh Rao director of the academy.

"We tour villages in mobile video vans to show the film. The screening is followed by a question and answer session about condom use and sexually transmitted diseases."

No published stats on the effectiveness in Andhra Pradesh are known to us, as of this date. However, the academy has had a chance to present its methods before Laura Bush.

So.. hmmm.. if only there was a comedic Texan cowboy with a promiscuous love life one could set to a catchy beat ....

Wouldn't be as good as this ad, perhaps, but a place in the Top 20?

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